Retro Goodness

The machines are in a familiar form factor. The 2P RetroCade comes with a 2-player set up, perfect for gaming with your buddies. With a 6-button configuration, you are ready for most games.

The 2P machines are perfect for some co-op or versus action. The 1P is space saving. Both machines comes with extra USB ports to connect more controllers.


Raspberry Pi x Retropie

Each RetroCade is powered by Raspberry Pi Model 3b. Running on Retropie OS means many emulators are pre-installed. Just load your favourite roms and game away. You also have the flexibility to hook up your laptop for your PC games.


Customision Options

The standard table top is versatile, to be placed wherever you like. Add a sitting or standing base if you like. There are also options to add a LED Light Up Marquee


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